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To be able to guarantee an environment aligned with our philosophy, the participation to each of Libertine Queen event is due to selection.

Here the principles followed:

  • Aesthetics

  • Age

  • Mentality 



Couples must be good looking, with harmonic and tidied aesthetics.

Our guests are open minded and different ways of playing, sexual orientation and fantasies.



Libertine Queen will always welcome smart and charming women. Their participation is free from charge, once the application will be approved.

Unaccompanied men absolutely have to look good, be in great physical shape, be polite and respectful.

How to apply

It is necessary to fill out the Request of admission in of all its sections. Pictures attached must be clear and recent - one of these full sized.

All of the informations and contents sent to Libertine Queen will be stored with the maximum confidentiality*.

In case the pictures sent won’t be enough to give a clear idea of the subjects, we reserve the possibility to request a video call. If the candidates do satisfy the required criteria, they will receive an e-mail with all of the vital informations to take part of the events.



After years of experiences gained, we’ve accrued the need to create Libertine Queen. In this project freedom of exploring is encouraged, free from judgement and social restrictions.

Libertine Queen is a private event planner as well as a test intended to challenge the conventionality of everyday life. 

Our parties are characterized by the beautiful locations chosen, the high quality of food and drink, the attention we pay searching for amazing performers and the ever-changing staff who accompanies us during our parties.


We believe that whoever seeks for adventure is able to live a much more satisfactory and fulfilled life.


Libertine Queen provides the chance to live two kinds of experiences:

  • Private elite events

  • Digital events 



Libertine Queen creates a positive and safe environment, where all of the attendees hold up on a similar ambition and will feel free to experience their freedom and sexual orientation.

Zero Tolerance

Libertine Queen doesn’t admit:

  • abetting illegal activities

  • any kind of drug consumption

  • alcohol abuse


During the event Libertine Queen can banish a guest at any time, whenever the rules listed fail to be respected.


  • unpolite or vulgar behaviours towars others and/or to the hosting locations

  • phone use, camera or any other recording device


During the event Libertine Queen can banish a guest at any time, whenever the rules listed fail to be respected.

* Privacy Policy

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