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Data: sabato 20 gennaio

Ingresso: dalle 22.00 alle 23.00

Location: Verona - Valpolicella

Evento a numero chiuso:  40 coppie e ragazze single

Quota di partecipazione:  €450 a coppia, ragazze single gratuito

Party in maschera - dress code: 

Ladies abito elegante, sexy e maschera

Gentlemen: abito elegante nero, camicia bianca, papillon nero e maschera. 

iscrizione pary

What is it about?

Libertine Queen is pleased to announceDesire a new way of living the libertine experience, taking you into an unexplored world.

This exclusive party, a privilege reserved for only40 couples and single girls, will take place in a breathtaking location, distributed over three levels, located in the evocative setting in the surroundings of Verona.This magnificent home, for the first time, will open its doors to host a Libertine Queen event.

Exclusivity and Rules of Participation

Desire it is an event designed for couples and girls who wish to experience, together or individually, a new adventure in their relationship, in a transgressive and conscious way. People interested in participatingthey will have to accept and respect specific rules, designed to guarantee a unique experience. Here, complicity and the freedom to experiment are at the center andthe rules are not a limit, but an invitation to live the experience more intensely.

In each play area, a member of our staff will be present to ensure that these rules are scrupulously respected, clearly establishing the boundaries within which the game can take place. This approach allows each couple to express themselves freely, knowing that the framework within which to move is clear and defined.

Four Unique Play Areas

Desire offers four game areas, each with its own theme and rules:


  • BDSM Area: By accessing the area each participant chooses to be dominant or dominated, completely immersing themselves in the role. Here, no spectators are allowed, only active/passive participants. 

  • Blindfolded Area: In this area, enter individually or in pairs and let yourself be guided by the unknown. Those who enter alone will be blindfolded by our staff at the entrance, while if you enter as a couple you will decide which of the two will live the experience blindfolded.

  • Hard Player Area: This is the action area, you will not be able to enter to watch.

  • Women's Play Area: An exclusive area where women are the protagonists. Men can watch, but the game is reserved for women only.


Upon arrival, each couple will be greeted with an exclusive card. This card represents the beginning of an intriguing adventure.During the first phase of the evening, the main task for each couple will be to find another couple who has a card matching their own. At the stroke of midnight, couples who have found their 'match' will have to choose together a play area proposed by our exclusive location.This choice will mark the beginning of the evening, where sensuality and pleasure come together in a unique and memorable experience.

Masquerade party - Dress code

Ladies elegant, sexy dress and mask.

Gentlemen: elegant black suit, white shirt, black bow tie and mask.

The mask is mandatory until the start of the games, after which it will be up to the participants to keep it on or not. Any color and type is permitted, as long as it is elegant.



Ca' Del Bosco, selected finger food, ambient music throughout the location, cloakroom service, barlady and waiters to guarantee an impeccable experience.

Party participation fee

  • Couples: €450

  • Single women: free



If you are a couple who has never participated in our events, we invite you to apply by filling out our form Party Registration Form. 

If you have already been guests at our events and have already completed the application process, you can simply contact us via WhatsApp to check availability and confirm your presence. Given the exclusivity of "Desirè", limited to only 40 couples, and considering the rapid sell-out of places in our previous events, we suggest you act promptly. We anticipate that available seats may fill up very quickly.


We remind you that the "Desirè" party is a unique opportunity to live the libertine experience in an even more intimate and suggestive context, and that this type of party is not suitable for all couples but is aimed particularly at those who want experience a new exclusive experience signed Libertine Queen.


A 100% refund is available until January 13th.After that it will not be possible to receive any reimbursement.


Car: our location is easily reachable by car, it is only 15 minutes away minutes from Verona.

Cell phones and any other means of recording are strictly prohibited and shall bedeposited with our staff at the entrance. 

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